Monday, December 17, 2018

 Blackfoot Drainage New Weeds Risk Assessment

Short term (1997) objectives:

Objective 1.
Produce an alert list of thirty-two recently invading or less well known weeds, not yet listed as noxious by the State of Montana, that have the most potential to become significant problem plants in the Blackfoot River Basin during the next half century. The report  also describes the life form and cycle, growth habit, means of dispersal and propagation, and initial estimates of environments susceptible to invasion by these alert list weed species.

Objective 2.
Develop a short list of twelve well known "old weeds", including species already declared noxious by the state of Montana, that have the potential to increase to problematic levels in the Blackfoot drainage.

Objective 3.
Indicate the proximity of these species to the Blackfoot drainage by generating county- level maps that show the reported distribution of these thirty-two plus twelve species in the five northwest states (MT, WY, ID, OR, WA); graph the rate of spread in the five state region; and indicate how many known occurrences there are of these species in the multi-county "infiltration area"  surrounding the Blackfoot drainage.

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