Monday, December 17, 2018

Potential User Group

Potential users include the following:

County Weed Control Departments (199 counties in the five state area)
State Departments of Agriculture - Weed Coordinator
State Extension Services - Noxious Weed Specilaist
State Land Departments
State Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Departments
US Forest Service
  • Region 1 and Region 6 Headquarters -
    Range Implementation Director
    Pesticide Coordinators
  • Forest Supervisor Offices - Forest Planners and EIS Team Leaders
  • Ranger Districts - Weed Program Leader
Bureau of Land Management
  • BLM State Offices - Weed Scientist
  • BLM Area Offices - Conservationist
USDA Agricultural Plant Health Inspection Service - State Officer in Charge
Federal Fish & Wildlife Service
University faculty with courses on invasive plants, range management, and biological conservation
Researchers and agencies distributing biological control agents for weeds
Herbicide companies

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